Welcome to the first posting for the Green Librarian. By green, I mean just about anything that relates to the environment. What I will do is write small blurbs and have links to other resources that may be of interest to people. Alot of times, they are articles or books I have read (for myself or to my kids) but sometimes, they may just be ones I hope to read. There will also be the occassional blurb on topics of interest to my kids. From their favorite animal to their favorite place.

The idea here is to educate everyone. From activist to parents to kids to myself. I will try and post on a regular basis but between family obligations, school and work, I can only say that I will do my best. I also know that this will not be the end all or be all website for news about the environment. I just hope to make it a place to stop by from time to time. A place to learn. For those doing serious research, I hope to get a form up on the research page soon. Beyond that, we will just have to see.


Green Librarian

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