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I’ m still here

I’m still here. It’s taken awhile but I finally feel better. Nothing that three kids, bringing home multiple sicknesses (and a little homework), can’t do to wipe you out. That said, with school just about over for the semester and my project done, I think I finally am better and I will pick up where I left off. More on the project later.

 My first priority here will be to do a little updating the website. Rather than have my card catalog graphic on the front page, I will start rotating out the with some nice photos (of what else, nature). I also hope to get at least an e-mail up, and with any luck, a form up sometime next week.

Now that I’m beginning to get the hang of becoming a reference librarian, I want to start recommending reference resources. This should all begin next week. Meanwhile, I will get back to posting information on article I have come across relating to the environment. Also, I will be posting a link to my newest project research project, updating the resources for a book called ” Choose to Reuse ” by David and Nikki Goldbeck.  


Green Librarian 


Just another set back

I know I said I was feeling better last week but that may have been a bit premature. That said, I’m still scanning the newspapers and internet for good articles.  

There were a couple of interesting articles in the last couple of days regarding setting our clocks back last weekend. The first one relates to an earlier post I did about walking. Seems that pedestrians are at greater risk after clocks are set back. Here’s a link to the article by Seth Borenstein of the Associated Press.

The other article was how the longer daylight time (by one week) was suppose to save energy. You be the judge. It’s here but unfortunately I’m not sure how accessible it will be.


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