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The weather outside is frightful

While winter is not yet upon us, it is definitely starting to turn colder here in the midwest. As someone who has just purchase a scooter this summer, I have perhaps started to feel it more than some. Which brings me to the topic of staying warm. I saw a good articles this week on heating your home in usa today today entitled “Is heat sneaking out of your home?”

Which led me to realize that I would love to do an energy audit of my house and I hope to soon. I found out a while back that the city I live in does energy audits. I have contacted the gentleman in charge of this program and I need to get back to him to set up a date and time.  If memory serves me correct (at this very moment I’m trying to relocate his e-mail address), it’s free.

And I have just found out, yes it is free.  Ask your city.  I think it will be worth it. I’ll let you know the results we have our house done.

One last note on heating (or rather electricity, if that’s your source), there was another good article, this one from the Worldwatch Institute.   It’s entitled “Does the Electricity You Use Demolish Mountains?” It allows you to see the direct connection between the effects of mining coal on nature and the use of electricity. 


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