Good books

Here are two good books I’m reading right now. The first is Seeing in the Dark by Timothy Ferris. There’s also a dvd out for a show with the same title by PBS. I caught either the beginning or the end when it was on but,  I hope to get ahold of it at the library one of these days.

The second book is Twinkie, Deconstructed by Steve Ettlinger. An excellent book about what goes into the world famous twinkie. I’ve learned more about how food is processed than I ever thought possible.  It’s been a good motivator for me to continue working on my gardening skills.


Green Librarian

One thought on “Good books

  1. We don’t have the famous (or should I say infamous) Twinkie down here in Oz, but that sounds like the type of book I would enjoy. I can understand how reading about what actually goes on behind the scenes to make one of these ‘cakes?’ would probably drive you towards some more healthier food. Thanks for your post.

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