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While not an astronomer…

This is a post that I must say, is inspired by my kids. If you’re into watching the stars, then check out the waning Moon and Venus near the sun in the predawn sky tomorrow. Here’s a full article on the whole shindig over at Earth & Sky.

If that’s not enough for those interested in astronomy, here’s one more article over at Earth & Sky on the “Moon, Saturn, Regulas together on March 18th”. Read it all here.


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Citizen involvment

Here’s a couple of articles more for the whole family and and how they can help. The first one is over at Earth & Sky. It’s entitled “Citizen-Scientists Count the Stars”. I’m a little late on this but it goes through March 8th. Check it out here.

The other article is about “Energy Saving Day (E-Day)”. This article is over at Ecospace. Both are great ways to help make a difference. Read it here.

One little side note, here’s a link to an article on yesterday’s post about International Walk to School Day here in the Webster-Kirkwood Community.

Upon further review, I just realized there are a couple of additonal links in the Citizen Scientists Count the Stars article that might of interest. They are for the International Year of Astronomy 2009 and GLOBE at Night, both groups involved in this years count and/or 2009’s.


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