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Recycle this

Here are a few products that you won’t find on the shelves of most stores but are worth a look.

Ever have that small bar of soap that you can’t hold on to but want to use to the last drop. Check out Waste Not, Want Not from DesigNoDoubt over at Treehugger. It’s right here.

Do you wonder what to do with those old “bic pens”? Well, look no further than Zo-loft Design. The full article is right here and also over at Treehugger.

Here’s my personal favorite, the “Hand Truck Chair”. Read it here. Once again, it’s over at Treehugger.

This last ones for my son, it’s a Sustainable Skateboard from Brazil and yes again, it’s from Treehugger. It’s in the shape of a tree leaf. Check it out here.

I almost forgot, heres a wonderful South African bench by designer Ronel Jordaan. She’s helping provides jobs for local tribeswomen as one bankstoel takes several of them more than a week to complete.

Here’s the article in the New York Times (and this time it’s not Treehugger).


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