Turtles, turtles, turtles…

Here are three articles on one of my favorite animals (as well as my daughters), sea turtles.

The first was by Andrea Thompson over at Live Science about a leatherback sea turtle entitled Turtle Migrates 12,774 miles”. This turtle set a new record for sea turtles and is among the longest measured annual migration for any marine vertebrate.

The next article , Logging in Congo River Basin Imperils Sea Turtles Very Far Downstream by Andrew Revkin” at the New York Times demonstrates the continual struggle for sea turtles almost everywhere.

The last article is actually an article called Reading, Writing…And Engineering by Anne Chaker” over at the Wall Street Journal. In the article, there is an interesting book about sea turtles, Saving Salila’s Turtle that sounds really good for kids. I hope to get a chance to read that to my daughter.


Green Librarian


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