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I guess you could call this fun friday

This first one comes courtesy of Inhabitat by Ali Kriscenski and is entitled “Ice Penguins by 50graus/50degrees”.  It’s purpose is to make a point on global warming and the decline of the Emperor Penguins. I love the pictures.

The next article, over at ENN and the New York Times, is called “Energy Saving Program in Seattle Puts Consumers in Control”. It involves 112 households being put in charge to to set temperature and price preferences.

“Going Global by Going Green” by Ilan Brat. This article discusses the idea of going green bu using a garbage-disposal. It’s over at the Wall Street Journal.

This last article made me laugh. It’s entitled “City Sues Man for Going Zero Waste” by Lloyd Alter at Treehugger.  Have a green weekend.


Green Librarian

Bikes, bikes, bikes

Here are some great articles on bikes. With gas prices being what they are, perhaps more people should start biking.

According to this article in the SFGate (courtesy of the AP), “Wisconsin College to give bikes to Freshman”. Up at Ripon College in Ripon, Wisconsin, the incoming freshman who promised not to bring a car were given a Trek 820 mountain bike, helmet and lock. 

Next, over in D.C. of all places, “Bike Sharing Spins Ahead with D.C. Test Drive” according to Jeff Kosseff of the Oregonian Staff.

Last, something near and dear to my heart is this article, “Project Mobility- Bicycle Programs for the Disabled“. Located over in St. Charles Illinois, this sounds like a great program.


Green Librarian