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Spring break

Since my kids are on spring break from school, I thought I bring up an article on another type of education, nature. This article, “Americans Spend Less Time on Nature Activities: Study” by By Julie Steenhuysen is over at Reuters. It shows that outdoor activities have fallen by more than 20 percent since the 1980’s.

To see or read more on nature and kids, check out the book “Last Child in the Woods” by Richard Louv’s or go to the Child & Nature Network for more information. Both good resources.


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It’s in the bag

Here are a few articles on a topic that seems to be everywhere. The latest in USA Today called  “Tide Turns Against Use of Plastic Bags” by Judy Keen. It gives a little bit of a timeline to the recent events here in the US.

This one was over at Treehugger earlier this month entitled “Vancouver’s Used Street Banners Transform to Shopping Bags” by Kara DiCamillo. What a great idea!

These last two articles are from approaches to a plastic bagless world from across the river. The first, again giving another timeline to the recent events in the US, then talks about a new approach. How to encourage shoppers to use their bags. It’s all here in Bag of Change: Carrot Better Than Stick” by Warren McLaren.

The other one is over at Inhabitat and it’s called Kill Plastic Bags with Taxes: Look to Ireland” by Emly Pilloton.  The government there has imposed a tax on plastic bags.


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