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May I help you (a.k.a. reference librarian)

Okay, as a librarian I must admit I see my fare share of books but I think it’s time I start spreading the wealth. Here are some of the new reference books I think look good in 2008:

The first one I found at Treehugger that looks really good and I will probably put up on my green reading shelf is “Trees: A Visual Guide” by Tony Todd and Jennifer Stackhouse. Here’s the review over at Treehugger by Tim McGee.

This next one is the “Encyclopedia of Environment and Society” by Paul Robbins. No one here in St. Louis has it but I will recommend it. Sounds like a great book. Here’s the review at Library Journal from January 2008.

I’ll group these last books together as they come from an article entitled “Collection Development Sustainability: Sense and Sustainability” by Robert Eagan, again at Library Journal.

They are “Environmental Issues in American History: A Reference Guide with Primary Documents” by Chris Magoc, “The New Atlas of Planet Management” by Norman Myers and Jennifer Kent and “Our Earth’s Changing Land: An Encyclopedia of Land-Use and Land-Cover Change” (2 vol.) by Helmut Geist.

Here’s the link to those books (plus a healthy dose of others that areĀ  more topic specific reading and that are too numerous to list). I’ll get to those next week.


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