Trees are our friends

After reading a great article in our own St. Louis Post-Dispatch entitled “Kirkwood Businessman Aids Centuries-Old Tree” by Sara Semelka yesterday, I thought I would post a couple of other articles I’ve come across the last month or so on my friend the tree.

This next article is over at Science Daily called “Climate Change Predicted to Drive Trees Northward”.  Good article.

Here’s another article about trees and climate changed entitled “Ancient Trees Give Clues to Climate Change” by Kylie Scott at ENN. Hmmm…. there’s a theme here.

“A Skyline That Sways in the Breeze” by Jim Dwyer is a great article over at the New York Times about Larry Borger, a practicing arborist since the great depression.

This last article, about a different kind of tree, is entitled “Petrified  Forest Park Expansion is at a Standstill” by Dennis Wagner is over at USA Today. Apparently they want to expand but congress hasn’t funded the plan.


Green Librarian

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