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Earth Day, Earth Week, etc…

I would be remiss if I forgot to mention a couple of upcoming dates on the calendar.

First, there is Earth Day on April 22nd. Before that actually, begins Earth Week and Turn off your TV Week. This is the first I’ve heard about Earth Week, so I will look to find a link out there on the internet.

After that is a festival that I would love to go to if I had the time and/or money, Green Festival in Chicago is May 17th and 18th. Check it out.

I have links to all the aforementioned dates on the Dates to Remember page for more information.


Green Librarian


I’ve been meaning to fix our clothesline

Maybe these three articles will inspire me to finally fix our clothesline.

The first one is “Cord-o-clip Reinvents the Clothesline” by Lloyd Alter over at Treehugger. I would have thought it would be hard to improve upon a classic.

The second article is “Utility Giving Away Free Clotheslines” by Patrick Metzger over at Green Daily. The one catch here is that you have to live in Toronto. Sorry about that!

The last one is “Hang Some Laundry Out to Dry” at The Daily Green. This is just a feel good article for those wanting to make a difference.


Green Librarian

I always enjoy a good story about turtles

I found this story over at Yahoo this morning, “Cleveland Zoo Researchers Find Rare Giant Turtle in Vietnam”. The Swinhoe Soft-Shell Turtle was thought to be extinct in the wild. I know that not that long ago I saw an article about this turtle. I will see if I can dig it back up.


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