Two by two

I thought I would post a few articles today on some species here in the United States, in honor of the all species parade that is held every year at Earth Day in St. Louis.

This first one is for our night time friends and is entitled “Bats Perish, and No One Knows Why” by Tina Kelley over at the New York Times. I have seen several articles over the last few months on the plight of bats and this is the most recent.  

Here’s an article on one of natures most beautiful animals (and in honor of my late friend Bob Yourko) the wolf. It’s from the AP entitled “Wolves to Removed from Endangered Species List” by Matthew Brown courtesy of Live Science.

On some more positive notes, here are two more upbeat stories. This first article is entitled “Camera Spots Wolverine in Sierra Nevada” by Steve Lawrence via Physorg.

Second, there is a “New Proposal for Canada Lynx Habitat” by Catherine Tsai at the AP courtesy of the Boston Globe.



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