May day (the day after)

Hard to believe it around here given the great fluctuation in temperature but it’s spring. That said, lets talk a little about gardening. Not your ordinary gardening but guerilla gardening.

Over at Ecospace, there’s a great article that gives a little background on the international guerrilla gardening movement entitled “Guerrilla Gardening – A Global Movement” by Jaye.

Next, at Inhabitat comes this neat article called “Leah Gauthier’s Micro-Farming Sow-In Project” by Abigail Doan. This maybe a place I go to get my seeds next year.

And what’s go best with gardening but “Minimalist’s Composting: Why it’s Worth it” by Theminimalist at Ecospace.

On a bigger scale of farming,k here’s a good read on the global food crisis entitled “Native Seeds Fight Food Shortage and Global Warming” by Tim McGee at Treehugger.

Lastly, while trying to stay out of the political arena, here’s an article on the “U.S. Responds to Worsening Global Food Crisis” by Melissa Schober at The Daily Green.

Almost forgot this one. Here’s an article on the latest book on guerrilla gardening entitled “A Handbook for Guerrilla Gardening” by Bonnie Alter at Treehugger. The book is called “On Guerrilla Gardening: A Handbook for Gardening Without Boundaries” by Richard Reynolds.

Okay, last article I promise. Here’s an interesting article over at NPR on how our climate affects our food. It’s entitled “In Highland Peru, a Culture Confronts Blight” by Joanne Silberner.

Plenty of food for thought!


Green Librarian


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  1. I love this and I’m
    going to do it!


  2. check out the 4SBB bicycle library!!!

    made by an actual librarian. MLS 2005, Simmons College in Boston.



  3. sorry for all the bad links in the first post…..


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