Here fishy, fishy

I thought today I would share some interesting articles of fish that have been published over the last few months.

Over at the New York Times there have been some amazing articles on the oceans and our fish. This one is entitled “Europe Takes Africa’s Fish, and Migrants Follow” by Sharon LaFraniere is just another example of humans and overfishing.

Next, we bring you “Tuna Threatened by Oversized Fishing Fleet“, another article regarding overfishing (courtesy of the Environmental News Network) and Europe.

Meanwhile, down in South America we have “Salmon Virus Indicts Chile’s Fishing Methods” by Alexei Barrionuevo of the New York Times. This time discussing the issue of fish farms.

Heading off to Jamaica, we bring you “In Remote Valley, a Grim Redefinition of Fishing” by Marc Lacey at the New York Times and shrimp.

Closer to home, this article pretty much says it all,  “Salmon Harvest to Plummet This Year“, courtesy the Seattle Times and Hal Bernton.


Green Librarian

Salmon harvest to plummet this year


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