Trains and other transportation stuff

Since I saw a couple of articles today on trains/subways today, and since it’s my son’s birthday, I thought I would focus on trains and other transportation.

The first article, “Transit Systems Travel ‘Green” Track” BY Charisse Jones at USA Today focuses on how cities are trying to boost their transit systems. In fact, here in St. Louis, we’ve finally (after twenty some years) just built a new Amtrak Station. I can’t say I like where it’s at, since we have a beautiful Union Station just sitting there. Instead, it’s sort of tucked in under our highway system.

Sorry about that. I need to stay focused and stay off my pedistal.

Next, New York is replacing their subway tunnel lights with LED’s, all 60,000 of them. That should make a difference. The article is entitled “New York Replaces Subway Tunnel Lights with LED’s” by Brad Linder at the Green Daily.

Let’s follow that article with a couple of older ones. First, there were two articles on the EPA’s decision to require tighter emissions from trains and ships. One was at Reuters and one from Green Biz. Click here and here for those articles.

Finally, “Union Pacific Reaches for More Fuel Efficient Locomotives” from Green Biz shows that even the train companies are starting to get onl board.

All Aboard-

Green Librarian


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