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USA versus Canada (on bisphenol)

So who’s right? Is it Canada in “Canada Calls Bisphenol A dangerous” by Lloyd Alter at Treehugger.

Or is it the United States, who according to in this article at the Daily Green say “FDA Won’t Tell Parents to Avoid BPA Baby Bottles“. Read and decide for yourself.


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On an educational note

Speaking of Polar Bears, here’s a great article on an amazing lady teaching her students about Antarctica and all it has to offer. The article is “Harlem to Antarctica for Science, and Pupils” by Sara Rimer at the New York Times.



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In a salute to the Polar Bear

In a small way and as a salute to the listing of the polar bear as a threatened species, I have gone through my endless supply of articles on various species and found what I hope are some of the more positive stories on some of our larger friends.

First, lets start with the main attraction here, the polar bear. From the Grist comes “Bearly Legal” by Kate Sheppard.

Next we have two stories on two different rhinos. First we have,  “Species Sucess: Rhinos Recover” by Clara Moskowitz at Live Science. This includes both the White and Black Rhinos of Africa. Second, we have “End of Maoist Strife Spurs Nepal Rhino Numbers” from ENN.

Then there is “Presumed Extinct Javan Elephants May Have Been Found Again- In Borneo” at Science Daily.

Finally, we have this story, “At Indian Preserves, Tigers Remain King as People Are Coaxed Out” by Somini Sengupta of the New York Times.



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