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Just one more

It’s my last one on solar (for today at least) I promise.

My first thought when I saw this article, “IDS Develops Eco-Friendly Inflatable Solar Panel for Domestic Use” over at ENN is can I use it in the pool? Speaking of that, aren’t the pools opening tomorrow? Again, hmmm…


Green Librarian

With the rains returning…

I thought I would return to the subject of the sun or rather solar power.

A while back, “12 Cities Selected to Become New Solar America Cities” by Jeremy Jacquot were announced over at Treehugger.

This article also came out a while ago and it’s entitled “Powercube: Rock-Solid Solar Generator To Go” by Mike Chino at Inhabitat. With all the stormy weather, generator are becoming a must have item these days.

Finally, here’s one of those feel good stories that everyone enjoys.¬† It’s entitled “Disadvantaged Kids to Receive Gift that Shines with Opportunity” by Kenny Luna at Treehugger.

One side note. If your like me and don’t really enjoy mowing your lawn (especially with all this rain) and if you haven’t tried to replace your lawn with native plants and wildflowers yet, then here’s a suggestive article. It’s entitled¬† “Sheep Replace Lawnmowers in Italy” by Justin Thomas at Treehugger.


Green Librarian

P.S. As I’m writing this post, the sun has just reappeared. Hmm….