Damn the water…

And full steam ahead. Anyway, speaking of dams (see how I did that?!), I’ve come across some great articles on dams this year ands I thought I would share some of them with you.

(For more on dams, check out my previous post entitled “My Environment“).

First up, the lastest article entitled “Deal on Dams on Klamath Advances” by Felicity Berrringer at the New York Times. This is a big one.

With the salmon population continuing to decline along the west coast, perhaps this is some required reading for the parties that be. It’s titled “Salmon Says, Tear Down the Dams” by Nathaniel Grader at Terrain Magazine.

Finally, the article that sent me to “damn the waters” in the first place, “Montana Dam is Breached, Slowly to Restore a Superfund Site” by Jim Robbins at the New York Times.


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