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I would walk 100 miles

Since yesterday I got the chance to eat some of the food from my garden and our neighborhood garden, I tought I would post a few articles on the 100 mile diet. If you need more, see my previous post on local food movement and 100 mile diet here.

This one over at the Daily Green discusses the pros and cons of the 100 mile diet. It’s entitled “Food Miles: Do They Matter? ” by Annie Bell Mazaurieta.

Here’s another article discussing the issue over at Treehugger entitled “ Fair Trade vs. Food Miles: One Welshman’s View” by Eliza Barclay.

This last one, “Some Carbon with Your Kiwi” by Lloyd Alter at Treehugger also gives some more insight in food miles, some silly and some extravagant.

Finally, here’s an article about a midwestern group that is taking on the issue by “Addressing Sustainability and Hunger in Eastern Iowa” by cgottsch at Ecospace.

Okay, since I’ve been reading this great book called “Kitchen Literacy” by Ann Vileisis lately, I thought I would throw in this one last article, relating in part to the 100 Mile Diet. It’s “Becoming a Kitchen Gardener” by Michael, also over at Ecospace.

Happy Dining!

Green Librarian

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With the floods comes the backwash

Floods can do damage in so many ways. Here are a few articles just on the subject of food:

First we have, “Midwest Flooding Could Push Prices of Foods Higher” by Grant Schulte, Judy Keen and Andrea Stone at USA Today. It amazes me how many factors can influence food prices.

Then this article was in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch entitled ” Floods Cast Cloud Over Food Prices” by Rick Callahan of the Associated Press. Unfortunately I couldn’t locate the link. I will try again tomorrow.

There was this article over at the New York Times “In Midwest Floods, a Broad Threat to Crops” by Susan Saulny. This article tells the story of Dave Timmerman’s small farm up in Newhall Iowa, near Cedar Rapids (where I was born many years ago).

Finally, this last article talks about the shipping of food and it’s entitled “Midwest Floods Cripple Shippers” by Alex Roth and Thomas M. Burton. Unfortunately, it’s available as it’s over at the Wall Street Journal.


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Remembering the past

As someone who remembers the floods of 1993, I thought I would list a few articles pertaining to flooding of 2008.

I will start off with this article at Treehugger, “Midwest Floods: A Prayer for the Farmers and Everyoneone in Iowa” by I think it says what everyone feels.

Here’s another good article over at the Daily Green entitled “What I’ve Learned Covering Floods” by Sea Stachura.

This next story, unfortunately can’t be viewed for free as it’s over at the Wall Street Journal. The article is “Despite Tireless Efforts, a Levee Gives Way” by Douglas Belkin. After a little more digging, I stand corrected. Here’s the link.

Here’s another good article by Douglass Belkin and also at the Wall Street Journal. It’s entitled “Only Sandbags, Sweat Hold Back the River“.

And finally, this one was in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch just this past Monday and is entitled “Flooding Should be Short of ’93 Mark Here”. If I find a link to this one, I will pass it on.


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In honor of water

With all the flooding going on here and in the midwest, I thought I would post a couple of articles on the theme of water.

First, here’s a book review on an interesting topic, bottled water. The article is “Tapped Out” by Lisa Margonelli at the New York Times. After this post, I will go and see if I can request it from my local library. It looks good.

The other article is on a car that runs on water entitled “Fill Her Up…With Water?” by at Treehugger. This story’s been making the rounds.

Here’s hoping the sandbags hold!

Green Librarian

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Floods and a little more

Here’s a picture that is also very haunting for those who remember the floods of 1993. It’s along with this article “Midwest Floods Swamp Homes” at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

I would also be remiss is I forgot our other favorite weather topic this year, tornadoes. This article is just typical of the weather we’re having. It’s entitled “Tornadoes, Flooding Damage Plains” at USA Today.

Okay, I had one article devoted to floods, so here’s one solely on tornadoe. This article tells you just how bad the tornadoes have been this season. It’s entitled “New Data: 2008 Tornado Season Off the Charts” by Don Shapley at the Daily Green. What a year and it’s only June.

Now, before I forget. Here’s the link to that article yesterday, “Seedfolks” by Eileen at Ecospace.


Green Librarian


Having lived through the 1993 flood (Does that make me old?), the flooding this year has brought back some memories. This article, which I read several years ago (and had to relocate for this blog) was the one article that still stands out today.

Mississippi and Missouri River Flood Levels Underestimated” by Kara LeBeau at the Geological Society of America. The title pretty much says it all.

This other article, “Intensified Development Raises Catastrophic Flood Risk around the U.S., Experts Say” by Andrew Bridges via the Associated Press at ENN is a much more current article that I happened to stumble upon while looking for the first article. I thought it makes good food for though.

Stay Dry!

Green Librarian

Kids and food

Since I’ve been trying to get my kids into gardening this summer, including the discussion of food as we do our grocery shopping on Saturday mornings, I thought I would share a couple of articles on kids and food.

The first one came out today actually, “Cookies Perch as No. 1 Snack For Kids Starts to Crumble” by Nanci Hellmich at USA Today. Yea!

Next, more good news. “Schools Trim Snacks, Stress Nutrition” by Stephanie Nano via the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

On a broader note, there is a great article on a book that I’ve been trying to get a hold of for awhile now entitled “Seedfolks” over at Ecospace. Since my computer froze last time attempting to find the link to the article, I willhave to post it tomorrow.  

Finally, half way around the world is where this article “Intrepid Group Sows Seeds of Environmental Awareness Among Iraqi Youth” by Kenny Luna at Treehugger comes from.



Green Librarian

How to Grow a Seed

Having just read this book to my kids tonight and with some seeds we just planted coming up in the last couple of days, here’s a list of articles on gardening that I’ve been meaning to get out.

First, “Grow the Ultimate Vegetable Garden” by Jasmin Malik Chua over at Planet Green. For those of you still thinking about having a garden but still haven’t done it.

Next, for those of you into gardening and cycling, check out “The Women’s Garden Cycles Tour” over at Ecospace.

If you don’t have much room for building a garden, then try container gardening and I highly recommend this article entitled “This ain’t your grandaddy’s farm – urban agriculture catching on” by Patrick Metzger at Green Daily.

Finally, if you need a reason to plant a garden, here’s the article for you. It’s “The World Needs a Farming Revolution! Declares U.N. Report” by Tim McGee at Treehugger.

Maybe that’ll plant a seed in someone!


Green Librarian


Forgotten Lake

Here’s a short post for a rather long article that I stumbled upon it when I found the Canadian version of National Geographic, Canadian Geographic. The article is entitled “Forgotten Lake” by Allan Casey at Candian Geographic. Well worth the time.



Green Librarian

Bike to work week (Bike Month) roundup

So Bike to Work Week and Bike Month are over but there was lots of news coveage. Here are but a few of the articles:

“Pedal for Positive Climate Change” by Mairi Beautyman at Treehugger.

“Bicycle-Sharing Program to Be First of Kind in U.S.” by Bernie Becker at the New York Times.

“The Recyclery: A Tale of Two Cities and Two Wheels” by Warren McLaren at Treehugger.

“Beautiful Bicycle Helmets” by Bonnie Alter at Treehugger.

Many devising cheaper transportation strategies” by Judy Keen at USA Today

Gas costs push commuters to park and pedal” by Marisol Bello at USA Today.

Father Takes to Bike to Save Gas” by Lloyd Alter at Treehugger.


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