Remembering the past

As someone who remembers the floods of 1993, I thought I would list a few articles pertaining to flooding of 2008.

I will start off with this article at Treehugger, “Midwest Floods: A Prayer for the Farmers and Everyoneone in Iowa” by I think it says what everyone feels.

Here’s another good article over at the Daily Green entitled “What I’ve Learned Covering Floods” by Sea Stachura.

This next story, unfortunately can’t be viewed for free as it’s over at the Wall Street Journal. The article is “Despite Tireless Efforts, a Levee Gives Way” by Douglas Belkin. After a little more digging, I stand corrected. Here’s the link.

Here’s another good article by Douglass Belkin and also at the Wall Street Journal. It’s entitled “Only Sandbags, Sweat Hold Back the River“.

And finally, this one was in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch just this past Monday and is entitled “Flooding Should be Short of ’93 Mark Here”. If I find a link to this one, I will pass it on.


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