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With the floods comes the backwash

Floods can do damage in so many ways. Here are a few articles just on the subject of food:

First we have, “Midwest Flooding Could Push Prices of Foods Higher” by Grant Schulte, Judy Keen and Andrea Stone at USA Today. It amazes me how many factors can influence food prices.

Then this article was in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch entitled ” Floods Cast Cloud Over Food Prices” by Rick Callahan of the Associated Press. Unfortunately I couldn’t locate the link. I will try again tomorrow.

There was this article over at the New York Times “In Midwest Floods, a Broad Threat to Crops” by Susan Saulny. This article tells the story of Dave Timmerman’s small farm up in Newhall Iowa, near Cedar Rapids (where I was born many years ago).

Finally, this last article talks about the shipping of food and it’s entitled “Midwest Floods Cripple Shippers” by Alex Roth and Thomas M. Burton. Unfortunately, it’s available as it’s over at the Wall Street Journal.


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