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I would walk 100 miles

Since yesterday I got the chance to eat some of the food from my garden and our neighborhood garden, I tought I would post a few articles on the 100 mile diet. If you need more, see my previous post on local food movement and 100 mile diet here.

This one over at the Daily Green discusses the pros and cons of the 100 mile diet. It’s entitled “Food Miles: Do They Matter? ” by Annie Bell Mazaurieta.

Here’s another article discussing the issue over at Treehugger entitled “ Fair Trade vs. Food Miles: One Welshman’s View” by Eliza Barclay.

This last one, “Some Carbon with Your Kiwi” by Lloyd Alter at Treehugger also gives some more insight in food miles, some silly and some extravagant.

Finally, here’s an article about a midwestern group that is taking on the issue by “Addressing Sustainability and Hunger in Eastern Iowa” by cgottsch at Ecospace.

Okay, since I’ve been reading this great book called “Kitchen Literacy” by Ann Vileisis lately, I thought I would throw in this one last article, relating in part to the 100 Mile Diet. It’s “Becoming a Kitchen Gardener” by Michael, also over at Ecospace.

Happy Dining!

Green Librarian

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