As I fold the kids beach towels…

I’m reminded of the lakes we go to up in Minneasota each year and so here we go so to speak (as like many of you, with the price of gas, we are unable to afford our annual vacation to the land of 10,000 lakes this year.

First up, this article on Lake Tahoe (a lake I use to visit during my childhood) entitled “Global Warming Could Radically Change Lake Tahoe in Ten Years” from the University of California at Davis from Science Daily.

Here’s another lake that’s been in the news the last few months Lake Mead and the article is “Is Lake Mead Disappearing”? at the Environmental News Network.

Speaking of Lake Mead, here is another really good article by Felicity Barringer at the New York Times entitled “Lake Mead Could Be Within a Few Years of Going Dry, Study Finds“.  

Next, here an article on the Great Lakes entitled “Wisconsin Signs Great Lakes Compact” by Lloyd Alter at Treehugger. It’s some great news on getting protection for the Great Lakes. About twelve years ago, I got my only chance to see one of them, Lake Superior up by Duluth, Minnesota. Very impressive to say the least.

Finally, on a lake half away around, comes this article “Family Science Project Yields Surprising Data About a Siberian Lake” by Cornelia Dean at the New York Times. A fascinating look at Lake Baikal, the deepest and largest fresh water lake on earth.

Happy Vacationing (wherever you go)!


Green Librarian

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