From lakes and ponds to streams to rivers

Since we’re on the topic of water (and there’s no rain in sight here in the midwest) I thought I would graduate from lakes and ponds to rivers and streams. Particularly since I sit at work each day and look over one of the most beautiful rivers of all, the mighty Mississippi River.

First up, this interesting article brings up an issue that came up 15 years ago (in 1993) and is still an issue today. It’s entitled “Midwest Floods Dredge Up Dispute” by Douglas Belkin at the Wall Street Journal. Unfortunately it’s not available for free on-line but is well worth the read if you can get ahold of it.

Next, along those same lines comes this story, “Property Owners Feel Betrayed” by Tammy Webber and Maria Sudekum Fisher of the Associated Press. Hmmm… there’s a theme here.

From there we go to “Flood Expose Dated Protections” by  Peter Eisler at USA Today and as sort of a bookend to that article, we have “As Sand Bubbles Up Along an Illinois Levee, So Do New Questions” by Malcolm Gay at the New York Times.

Finally, here’s what FEMA said: ‘They’re In Good Shape Down Here‘ by Shane Graber at St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Who Knew?


Green Librarian

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