To the sea we go.

On the ocean front, things are a bit depressing but let’s get on with it:

First up, this article entitled “Reduced Sulfer Might be the Key to Function” by Tim McGee at Treehugger. It’s always good to look for answers.

Next, “Ocean ‘Deserts’ Are Expanding, Say Scientists” at Earth & Sky.

Then there is “Strange Things are Happening to the Planet” by Jesse Fox at Treehugger. Some nice pictures but unfortunate consequences of our actions.

To wrap up this round of ocean news, we have one very bright note on a topic near and dear to my heart, sea turtles.  This article, entitled “Leatherback Turtle in Texas-First Since 1930’s” by Andrew C. Revkin at the New York Times is indeed a very encouraging sign for those who love turtles.


Green Librarian

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