Home is where the sharks are

I thought I would post these articles that have come up on coral reefs lately, a place that sharks are known to hang out at.

First up, this interesting article on “Coral Reefs May Be Protected by Natural Ocean Thermostatat the Environmental News Network.

These next two articles are some of the more concerning issues regarding the corals but the article after them will give you more hope.

Sunscreen Promote Coral Bleaching by Stimulating Viruses” by Jeremy Elton Jacquot at Treehugger and “Belize’s Coral Reef is Gorgeous but Threatened” at USA Today by Laura Bly are the more concerning articles.

This one however will give us all hope. It’s entitled “Want to Save a Coral Reef? Bring Along Your Crochet Hook” by Patricia Cohen at the New York Times.


Green Librarian

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