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For today, I thought I would just post a  few maps/pictures that I’ve come across (mostly at Treehugger) on a variety of topics the last few months.

First there is this map over at National Geographic entitled “Photo: Pollution Prevalent in U.S. West’s National Parks“.

Next, this map called “A Picture is Worth…Ocean Deserts Expanding” by Tim McGee at Treehugger is a little scary to say the least.

Then there’s this map entitled “A Picture is worth…Access to Drinkable Water Around the World (And Much More)” by Jeremy Elton Jacquot again at Treehugger.

Finally, here’s an interesting map entitled “Migratory Bird Flyways and Off-Shore Wind Farms: A Co-Evolutionary Overlap” by John Laumer and yes, it’s also at Treehugger.


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