World Water Week

In honor of World Water Week, I thought I would throw out some articles I have come across on the topic of water.

First up, the UNICEF Tap Project. At the moment there is no information for 2009 but hopefully they’re will be soon.

In conjuction with that, here’s an article entitled ” U.N. Experts Concerned by Water Footprint” by Arthur Max at the Associated Press.

To show you it’s not just an issue abroad, check out this article called “Water Law Awash in Debate” by Oren Dorell at USA Today.

Meanwhile, “Calls Rise for Public Control of Water Supply” by Jim Carlton at the Wall Stree Journal show how important this issue has become.

Next, there is this article, “Is Your City Going to be Bottled Water-Free?” by Tara Lohan at AlterNet and the response according to St. Louis ( at least Mayor Slay and City Hall) is “No More Bottled Water at Many City Offices” by Jake Wagman at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

And finally, this article just came up this morning over at the New York Times. It’s entitled ” Bottling Plan Pushes Groundwater to Center Stage in Vermont” by Felicity Barringer.


Green Librarian

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