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Odds and ends

Here are a couple of odds and ends that I wanted to post today.

First up, my last article on bottled water (I promise). This city decided that there will be no bottled water sold in all of their municipal buildings. Taking the idea that St. Louis took one step further. The article is called “No Bottled Water in London, Ontario” by Bonnie Alter at Treehugger.

Next, I have an article for those who are the of the garden variety. According to Anita Joggerst at the St. Louis Pos-DispatchIt’s Time to Sow for Autumn Crops“. Where has the summer gone?

Last, this one today just makes me happy. It’s entitled “Maine Conservationists Reach Milestone in Plan to Buy 3 Dams” by Katie Zezima at the New York Times. Yea!


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