Weekend tidbits

A few miscellanous tidbits regarding this weekend-

First up, if you’re in St. Louis this weekend then, head down to the Jefferson National Expansion  Memorial (better known at the Arch) to celebrate National Public Lands Day. 

I took my older kids down and we had a blast. We had a chance to do what they call geocacheing, checked out the orienteering booth along with seeing the mighty mississippi river. Here’s the website to see all of the days events.

While we’re on the topic of rivers, check out this article by Rebecca Wodder at Treehugger entitled “On World Rivers Day, Take Time to Appreciate What Rivers Give Us“.

I was also reminded today of a event in St. Louis this weekend entitled Green Homes & Renewable Energy Festival. While the educational and informational part is over (and we didn’t make it unfortunately), the house tour is tomorrow. Here’s the website for more on that. That probably would have helped with my solar panel project.

Last, here are three more articles that I’ve come across recently on a topic I blogged about a couple of days ago, bees. They are “Beeologics to Save US Honeybees with New Anti-Viral Medicine–Have a Colony to Share?” by Karin Kloosterman at Treehugger, “A Honey of a Season” by Joe Bonwich at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and “Local Beekeepers Could Boost Bee Population” by Georgina Gustin, also at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.


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