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My rebuttal

Despite my earlier post on an exciting new green school, USA Today has had these disheartening articles the last week or so on schools and toxic waste.

The two recent articles are “Young students often most vulnerable to toxic air and “Possible air hazards rarely considered in plans for schools“, both by Blake Morrison, Brad Heath and Rick Jervis.


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My energy level is high

On a high note, here are a couple of articles on the latest developments on energy in this country.

Despite gas prices rising, there are these two articles in the New York Times today. First, “Airline Flies a 747 on Fuel From a Plant” by Bettina Wassener and “Ford Hybrid Emphasizes High Milage” by Bill Vlasic.


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Ladybug, ladybug

For those of us still in school, it’s never too late to learn. Here’s a little bit about one of my favorite little creatures, the ladybug. The article is “Ladybug” and it’s over at National Geographic.

And while I’m on the topic of schools, here’s  another nice little article on a green classroom entitled “FROG Zero Classroom” by Laura Malesich over at Green Daily.


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Shade and trees, what a great combo

Here are a couple of more nice articles about trees.

The first is “Shade-Grown Coffee Protects Tree Biodiversity” by Jaymi Heimbuch over at Treehugger.

This other article is more about what the country of Malasyia is doing to protect their trees and shade and it’s called “Malaysia ‘Using Satellite’ to Fight Illegal Logging” courtesy of Google.


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The giving tree

You gotta love those trees. In Spain they certainly love theirs.

Spain’s Trees of the Year” by Bonnie Alter over at Treehugger I think says it all about how some spainards love their trees.

On the flip side, we here in the U.S. seem to always be fighting our own tree battles as “Tiny Beetle Chews Way Through Millions of Trees” by Stephanie Simon at the Wall Street Journal shows.


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Cry me a river (or sea)

Here are a couple of rather sad stories on our seas.

The first is over at Ecoscraps and is called “Environmental Catastrophe: The Aral Sea is Almost Gone” by Jennifer Lance.

The other is “Methane Bubbling Up From Undersea Permafrost?” by Mason Inman over at National Geographic.


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Two for my son

These couple of stories are for my oldest son. He loves space and volcanoes.

For an interesting story on a volcanoe here in the lower forty-eight, check out this story on yellowstone entitled “Scientists Eye Unusual Swarm of Yellowstone Quakes” by Mead Gruver over at the AP.

For a story on space (or space pollution to be exact) check out “Preserving the Starry Night in the Glare of Light Pollution” from the AP courtesy of the New York Times.

Scientists eye unusual swarm of Yellowstone quakes