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This, that and the other

As the week comes to an end, we finish up with this, that and the other. First we start with this, climate change.

Over at  The Daily Green we have “U.S. Acknowledges Risk of Abrupt Climate change” by Dan Shapley.  Then there is “Native Cultures Endangered By Climate Change” by Earthwatch Institute at Treehugger. Last, we have “Hot Southern Summer Threatens Coral with Massive Bleaching Event” by the WWF over at the Environmental News Network.

For that, we have three articles on species. One on trees, one on butterflies and one on penguins.

The first one is from an old issue of the Science section over at the New York Times called “Advocating an Unusual Role for Trees” by Jim Robbins. The next article is “Defending the Monarch” by Stan Sesser over at the Wall Street Journal.  The third article is “Birds on a Wire: U.S. Proposes Protections for Seven Penguin Species” by the A.P.

Finally we have the other. Here are two articles on a topic my oldest son now has me hooked on, volcanoes.  The first one is entitled “Magma Discovered in it’s Natural Habitat for the First Time” over at Science Daily.  The other is “A Corner of Indonesia, Sinking in a Sea of Mud” by Seth Mydans over at the New York Times.


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