A is for animal

There seems to be a fair amount of news these days regarding our neighbors so here is just a little.

First up, just in case haven’t seen the movie Fly Away Home (about a flock of geese that a man and his daughter teach how to migrate), here’s another heartwarming story entitled “One Man Saves an Entire Species” by Allison Boyer at Ecoscraps.

A second species, who actually wasn’t discovered until recently is the topic of “This Sneaky Pink Iguana Evaded Charles Darwin’s Attention” by Michael Graham Richard at Treehugger.

On a more tragic note, “Congo’s Gorilla “War Babies” (by CaT Lincoln at Green Daily) shows us there is always hope, even in the most darkest of times.

Finally, on a lighter note, comes these two articles. First is “Fifty-two Things to do with a Bat Wing: Scientists Record a Host of Nonflight Duties that Might Influence Wing Structure” by Susan Milius at Science News. The other is “FOR KIDS: Between a Rock and a Wet Place” by Stephen Ornes, also at Science News.


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