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While I go to sleep

Here’s one more article that touches on migration entitled “Climate Now Shifting On a Continental Scale, Huge Study Says” by  Doyle Rice at USA Today.

Sleep Tight-


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As I wait for spring

Just a couple of weeks ago as Missouri celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of one of the worst tornadoes in it’s history and the temperature was hitting seventy, my thoughts turn to climate change. Here are just couple of the articles that I’ve come across in the last few weeks.

First up, this article over at the Environmental News Network entitled “Climate Change Delaying Gray Whale Vacationss, Scientist Say“. 

Also, on a region that I’ve always been attracted to, we have “Great Lakes Water Levels Sensitive to Climate Change” ove at Science Daily.

Next, with all this recent talk about climate change, here’s an article about something being done to help us better understand it entitled “Deep Sea Webcam Will Help Monitor Climate Change Effects” over at Treehugger.

Finally, for all of you who are interested in climate change, here’s an article on one our most famous climatologist Henry David Thoreau entitled “Thoreau Is Rediscovered As a Climatologist” by Cornelia Dean at the New York Times.



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