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As the weather warms

I thought I would post some articles on a topic that seems to be everywhere these days, climate change (formerly global warming).

Lets start off the the latest news with the article “Satellites Designed to Count Carbon” by Rigel Celeste over at the Green Daily. This talks about both the recent failed launch by the the United States to launch their’s and the one recently launched by Japan.

That said however, we did manage to launch a deep sea cam. Check out “Deep Sea Webcam Will Hel Monitor Climate Change Effects” by Jaymi Heimbach at Treehugger.

The recent Australian Wildfires has recently brought this topic up as discussed in the article “What’s Climate Got to do With It“? by Joseph Romm over at the Grist.

Stay Cool (wait, it’s only February)-

Green Librarian

As the sun comes up

Knowing that the sun will becoming up in a few hours, I realized today that I haven’t posted much about solar power lately but today I came across an article on the latest developments so I thought I would post that one and a couple of more.

The article is entitled “Making Cheaper Solar Concentrators out of Acrylic”. Unfortunately, I can’t locate the article tonight, so I will update this post in the morning.

Next comes this article just a few days ago entitled “Cheaper Materials Could Be Key to Low-Cost Solar Cells” over at the Environmental News Network.

Finally, there is “There’s Energy in Them There Hills” by Allison Boyer over at EcoScraps.

Good night-


Green Librarian