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While it’s still warm

I was thinking this morning that since it’s still warm and it’s going to rain, I would talk about oceans and their role in climate change. Warm (climate change or global warming), rain(oceans). Okay, it’s a stretch.

One of the areas in which we have seen great change regarding climate change is our oceans. This article, “We’re Beginning to See HintsĀ  That Ocean Circulation is Changing: International Polar Year Director” by Matthew McDermott at Treehugger is a good jumping off point.

One reason for that could be found in this article, “Ocean Less Effective at Absorbing Carbon Dioxide Emitted by Human Activitiy” atĀ  Science Daily.

Another issue with the oceans and climate change is talked about in “Global Warming Could Suffocate the Sea” at the Environmental News Network via New Scientist.

Finally, there is “Another Dire Global Warming Effect: 10 Times As Many Ocean Dead Zones” and like our first article, is by Matthew McDermott at Treehugger.


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