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As I wait for spring

Just a couple of weeks ago as Missouri celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of one of the worst tornadoes in it’s history and the temperature was hitting seventy, my thoughts turn to climate change. Here are just couple of the articles that I’ve come across in the last few weeks.

First up, this article over at the Environmental News Network entitled “Climate Change Delaying Gray Whale Vacationss, Scientist Say“. 

Also, on a region that I’ve always been attracted to, we have “Great Lakes Water Levels Sensitive to Climate Change” ove at Science Daily.

Next, with all this recent talk about climate change, here’s an article about something being done to help us better understand it entitled “Deep Sea Webcam Will Help Monitor Climate Change Effects” over at Treehugger.

Finally, for all of you who are interested in climate change, here’s an article on one our most famous climatologist Henry David Thoreau entitled “Thoreau Is Rediscovered As a Climatologist” by Cornelia Dean at the New York Times.



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Day late and a dollar short

Okay, it took me two days to get back and I could only find one other article on migration. I do however have a few more articles to go through yet.

Anyway, the article is “Bye-Bye Birdie: Avian Speices Head North with Rising Temps” by Jordan Lite over at Scientific American.

I also happened to pick up the book The Life of the Skies: Birding at the End of Nature by Jonathan Rosen at the library just today. Stay tuned.


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If a tree falls in the forest, does it make a sound

On a more disheartening note about trees (as per yesterday’s note) come these two articles.

First, here in our own backyard comes “Profit Trumps Preservation for Boy Scout Councils Nationwide” by Lewis Kamb at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

Half way around the world we have “The Stolen Forests” by Raffi Khatchadourian from the New Yorker.


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Taking flight

As I am continuing to read The Wild Places by Robert MacFarlane, there was a small piece on bird migration which reminded me I’ve seem several articles lately on the subject but, I hope to have a few more tomorrow as I left some of them at home.

Where Are All the Migratory Birds Going“?and “Migratory Songbird Mystery Solved“, both by by Hayley Rutger at National Geographic. Well, we have the question and at least part of the answer.

Until tomorrow-

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Tapping the trees

With my kids and I heading towards our first tree tapping in a week or two,  I thought I would tap a few articles on our friend the tree.

Trees Migrating North Due to Warming” by Bruce Dorminey at National Geographic, “Forest Managers Grapple with Rapid Change” at Earth and Sky and “Ozark Forest Will Change, Experts Say” from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch via the Associated Press are just three articles talking about the change ahead for trees regarding climate change.


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Rainy days and mondays

Okay, I’m a day late in finishing this post.  Better late than never.

I was reading the article “Google Earth Fills It’s Watery Gaps” by Andrew C. Revkin over at the New York Times on my lunch when the came across Sylvia Earle’s name and so I went looking for some articles on one of my favorite topics, the ocean and here some that I came up with.

First up was an article posted today over at Scientific American by John Platt entitled “Coral Reefs: Vital to the Oceans, Vital to Humans“.

Next we have “The Tiny, Slimy Savior of Global Coral Reefs?” at the Environmental News Network courtesy the Christian Science Monitor.

After that, there is “Taiwan Coral Reefs ‘turn black’ with Disease” also from the Environmental News Network, this time courtesy of Reuters.

Then we have “Unrusted Iron Dust Found Bubbling Up From Depths of Ocean Floor” at Science Daily.

The last one is “Non-Native Lionfish Move to Florida Keys, Eat Everything, Won’t Go Home” by Jaymi Heimbuch at Treehugger.

Sailing away!

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There’s something in the air

I came across the article “Indian Ocean Linked to Australian Droughts” at the Environmental News Network via Reuters the other day and it adds food for thought to articles about the Australian wildfires like the one entitled  “Wildfires in Southeastern Australia Worst in 25 Years, 14 Dead” by Sea Stachura at Green Daily.



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