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Let the budding begin

With the trees starting to bud, I thought this is as a good time as any to talk about trees. This despite all the yard work that comes with having three huge silver maples surrounding your house (god love ’em).

Despite the fact that the kids and I weren’t able to tap the maple trees this year, this article made me yearn for the chance to try again next year. It’s entitled “In South Korea, Drinks Are on the Maple Tree” by Choe Sang-Hun over at the New York Times.

Speaking of trees, here are a couple more feel good articles on trees that I’ve come across lately.

Loving Trees in Kenya” by Kristin Underwood at Treehugger shows the importance of trees across the world.

In an article a little bit closer to home, “The Nature Conservancy Protects 272 Acres of Appalachia Forest” by Cris B. over at the Nature Conservancy also talks about that.

To finish up, we travel back around the globe to Turkey with “Planting New Trees: The Gift That Keeps on Giving” by Jennifer Hattam also at Treehugger.



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