Headed towards the ocean

Today I was just sitting here and realizing as I type this post that I forget how the mighty Mississippi river behind me heads down towards the ocean. Then as I read an article this morning that points out a little good news with regards to the ocean, I thought I would post a few articles on our oceans. So without further adieu…

In Midst of Modern Ills, Some Ocean Success Stories” with Oceanographer Jeremy Jackson over at Earth & Sky.

These next two two articles are a couple of ways in which people are trying do just that. “U.S. Leaders Support of the Sea Treaty” via the Worldwatch Institute and “WWF Seeks Innovative Solutions to Bycatch Though Worldwide Competition” by Erika Viltz via the World Wildlife Federation, both courtesy of the Environmental News Network.

This next article, which also goes along with that thinking, is “Quote of the Day: Tim McClanahan on Fish and Coral Reef Conservation” by Michael Graham Richard at Treehugger.

We will finish with this last article, also from Earth and Sky. It talks about one example of what is also happening to our oceans right now and is entitled “Mystery Ocean Dead Zones in Pacific“.


Green Librarian

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