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Spring showers, April gardens

I guess I’d better get it together. I can tell my kids are getting anxious as last weekend they wanted to get some seeds at the grocery store. It’s time to get them ordered (as usual, I will get my tomato plants from a local garden shop). So let’s go gardening!

First up, “The Future of Sustainable Food: Are We on the Edge of a New Era?” by Stephanie Rogers over at Earth First.

If you’re like me, a little behind on the planting, this next article will give you some information on gardens and what to plant. Check out “Garden Hardiness Zone Maps Shifting with Climate” by Marla Cone at The Daily Green. ThereĀ  is a link hardiness zones on the right side of the page.

This last link is for those still not sure. “Edible Landscaping: Luscious Spring Fruits” by Linda Kincaid at Green Building Elements. It’s enough to make your mouth water.

Time to eat-

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