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One last piece of trash (talk)

Here’s one more resource on the topic of trash. This one is to a twelve part web series about Garbage Island.  The video is over at


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Happy Arbor Day!

If you’re thinking about planting a tree, here is a good article to read first. It’s entitled “The Lost Forests of America” by Charles C. Choi at Live Science.

Happy Arbor Day!

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Trash talk

Okay, it’s not really trash day (at least for me) but I’ve seen a few articles on the topic and so…

Let’s start with “How Big Is That Widening Gyre Of Floating Plastic” by Carl Bialik at the Wall Street Journal. Good Question!

Need an example of it here in the United States? Check out “Sea of Trash” by Donovan Hohn at the New York Times.

To learn more about the North Pacific Garbage Gyre, listen to the “Pacific Ocean Gyre Filled With Plastic Trash” podcast over at Earth and Sky.

Or if you rather learn about it at the movies, check out the link to ” SXSW FILM: Garbage Dreams” from Adda Birnir at Inhabitat.

Reuse, Reduce and Recycle!

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It’s official, time to get out in the garden!

I know when the school down the street get’s their garden going, it’s time. So in honor of those who garden, here are some great articles on gardening.

First up,”Economic Meltdown Reason For A New Victory Garden Movement” by Roger Doiron at Alternet via SustainLane.

Taking the next step, we have another good read with “Toward A Less Efficient and More Robust Food System” by Tom Philpott at the Grist.

And if you want to follow a newbie in gardening, then read “A Novice In Search of Bounty” by Michael Tortorello at the New York Times.

Finally, for those of you who don’t discriminate when it comes to fruits and vegetables, then check out “Europe Relaxes Rules On Sale of Ugly Fruits and Vegetables by Stephen Castle also at the New York Times.

Bon Appetit!

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Earth Day 2009 and nature

After finally finishing Last Child in the Woods by Richard Louv and after my kids experience with Amphibian Night last week, I thought these two these two articles about Nature would be a great post for today. 

The first is “The Future Is Going To Be Better Than It Used To Be” by Richard Louv at the Child and Nature Network website.

The other is “Got Nature? Why You Need to Get Out” by Andrea Thompson at Live Science.

Happy Earth Day!


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After hanging out two of my kids at Anphibian Night last Friday, being inundated with rain Saturday night and passing lots of standing water this morning on the way to work, I thought wetlands would be a good topic today.

First up, “Louisiana Begins Wetlands Repair with Mississippi River Sediment” at the Environment News Service. All I can say is, it’s about time!

Next up, another topic that’s been going on quite a while, the everglades in Florida. Among the articles I’ve seen lately on the topic, we have “Everglades Restoration Plan Shrinks” by Damien Cave at the Environmental News Network via the New York Times and “Water Quality Upgrades Planned for Northern Everglades Estuaries-“, at the Environment News Service.

To give you some idea of the current situation with wetlands,  we have “Coastal Wetlands May Get Climate Change Boost, Before Being Overwhelmed by Rising Seas” by Matthew McDermott at Treehugger.

Finally, to show that this is happening worldwide, there is  “Wildlife at Risk as Iraq’s Marshlands Shrink Again” from the Environment News Service.


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Helping our friend the sea turtle

As I have said many times, one of my favorite animals is the turtle and lately I’ve come across a few articles on work being done to support them and to protect them. Here are two nice ones on the work being done to protect them.

The first one is  “The Great Turtle Race” at National Geographic. This link has lots of information, some of which I will no doubt be sharing with my daughter.

The other one is “Lawsuit Seeks Gulf Longline Fishery Closure for Turtles Sake” at the Environment News Service.

Go Turtles!

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The last straw

I must say that after reading “Canada:Bisphenol A is a Health Hazard” by Sarah Schmidt at Green Change, I knew that I had to write about plastics. In this article it mentions how this chemical is used in everything from baby products to the lining of food cans. Scary stuff!

This article came just after reading “Scientists Reject FDA’a Claim That BPA is Safe” by Meg Kissinger and Susanne Rust at the Milwaukee Journal Senitel via Green Change.

On the good news for this, we have “Sunoco Will Stop Selling Bisphenol A for Use in Children’s Food Products” and “SC Johnson to Phase Out Phtalates“, both at The Daily Green.


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Hail today, rain tomorrow

Just a few articles on climate change/global warming.

This has been a topic of discussion the last couple of weeks. “Climate Change and Atmospheric Circulation Will Make For Uneven Ozone Recovery” at Science Daily and”Climate Change Complicates Ozone Recovery” at the Environmental News Service are just two of them.

And here are a couple of articles on the affects. They are “With Global Warming, It’s Water, Water, Water Everywhere…Except There, There and There” by Dan Shapley at The Daily Green and “Global Warming Speeding Up Erosion in Alaska” by Michael Graham Richard at Treehugger.


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So many choices but so little money

With me trying to scrape enough together to purchase a nice used car (but I’ll always have my scooter) as three kids don’t really fit very well on it. I guess I’ll just have to dream about having one of the really green ones! But since I can’t have one, at least I can talk about them, so here goes.

First up, this article on the latest about that cute care the TH!NK. It’s entitled “TH!INK Electric Cars Considering US Market-You Can Help” by Sami Grover at Treehugger.

Then there is this one about the Smart Car called “Smart Car2Go Program Rolls Out in Austin by Josh Loposer at Green Daily.

And while the Volt is getting a lot of headlines here in the U.S., check out “Detroit Electric Announces Affordable EV Lineup”  over at Good Clean Tech and “Treehugger Becomes Ford Fiesta Agent” by Alan Graham at Treehugger. So many to choose from.

As I was writing this post, I noticed “5 Fuel-Efficient Little Cars That Dazzled the New York Auto Show” by Dan Shapley at The Daily Green. Check it out.


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