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Post Earth Hour

I had a great time with the kids on Earth Hour. We had the candles lit and read some books, though perhaps I could have done a better job on the waxy mess left behind. Oh well, since the topic of Earth Hour is energy, I thought I would post a couple of articles on the topic.

This first article, “Girl Scouts Performing Energy Audits, Prove Their Future Value” by Jaymi Heimbuch at Treehugger, shows the value of a great idea.

These next two articles, “Google PowerMeter Helps Reduce Your Energy Consumption” by Josh Loposer at Green Daily and “Google Searching For An Electricity Meter Near You” from Low Impact Living are some excellent reading about ways that you can affect your energy consumption.

And just to let you know that this is happening worldwide, “Pricey Energy May Make Insulation More Enticing” by Jennifer Hattam at Treehugger, tells the same story on the other side of the world.

Lights off!

Green Librarian