So many choices but so little money

With me trying to scrape enough together to purchase a nice used car (but I’ll always have my scooter) as three kids don’t really fit very well on it. I guess I’ll just have to dream about having one of the really green ones! But since I can’t have one, at least I can talk about them, so here goes.

First up, this article on the latest about that cute care the TH!NK. It’s entitled “TH!INK Electric Cars Considering US Market-You Can Help” by Sami Grover at Treehugger.

Then there is this one about the Smart Car called “Smart Car2Go Program Rolls Out in Austin by Josh Loposer at Green Daily.

And while the Volt is getting a lot of headlines here in the U.S., check out “Detroit Electric Announces Affordable EV Lineup”  over at Good Clean Tech and “Treehugger Becomes Ford Fiesta Agent” by Alan Graham at Treehugger. So many to choose from.

As I was writing this post, I noticed “5 Fuel-Efficient Little Cars That Dazzled the New York Auto Show” by Dan Shapley at The Daily Green. Check it out.


Green Librarian


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