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It’s official, time to get out in the garden!

I know when the school down the street get’s their garden going, it’s time. So in honor of those who garden, here are some great articles on gardening.

First up,”Economic Meltdown Reason For A New Victory Garden Movement” by Roger Doiron at Alternet via SustainLane.

Taking the next step, we have another good read with “Toward A Less Efficient and More Robust Food System” by Tom Philpott at the Grist.

And if you want to follow a newbie in gardening, then read “A Novice In Search of Bounty” by Michael Tortorello at the New York Times.

Finally, for those of you who don’t discriminate when it comes to fruits and vegetables, then check out “Europe Relaxes Rules On Sale of Ugly Fruits and Vegetables by Stephen Castle also at the New York Times.

Bon Appetit!

Green Librarian

Earth Day 2009 and nature

After finally finishing Last Child in the Woods by Richard Louv and after my kids experience with Amphibian Night last week, I thought these two these two articles about Nature would be a great post for today. 

The first is “The Future Is Going To Be Better Than It Used To Be” by Richard Louv at the Child and Nature Network website.

The other is “Got Nature? Why You Need to Get Out” by Andrea Thompson at Live Science.

Happy Earth Day!


Green Librarian