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My man, Jacque Cousteau

It’s interesting how some things (or people) just don’t go out of style. I was recently reading book reviews in the New York Times Book Review when I came across a couple on Jacque Cousteau.

The first one I got was “Manfish: a story of Jacques Cousteau” by Jennifer Berne. The last couple of days I’ve followed that up with some of his videos. That said, here are a couple of nice articles on his passion, the ocean.

The first one isĀ  “Oldest Sea Creatures Have Been Alive 4,000 Years” by Andrea Thompson at Live Science.

The other one is ” New Clues to Sea’s Green Glow“, by the staff at Live Science.

Also, if you’re interested, check out the Cousteau Society website. They’re in the process of restoring the Calypso (Jacque’s ship). Yea!


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