A, Bee, C…

With my intent tonight to read a book (about bee’s) from the pre-school my mom started years ago and after looking through some old family pictures last night of that school, I thought it would be good to follow those articles from my last post with few that I didn’t get too.

First up, not sure what bee’s are good for? Check out “Beehive Fence Deters Elephant Raiders” at Science Daily.

Then, for those of you who do know what bee’s are good for, check out “Start Anew: Become a Honey Farmer” by Makenna Goodman at Chelsea Green.

Then for those who have read all the doom and gloom about the bee honey collapse, we have “A Cure for Honey Bee Coloney Collapse?”at Science Daily and “Can Native Black Honeybee May Save UK Bee Industry?” by Sami Grover at Treehugger.

Finally, even with all the bad news there is this article, which is the best news of all. It’s entitled “Domesticated Bee Numbers Soar Amid Buzzing Demand” from the Agence France-Presse courtesy of Mother Nature Network.


Green Librarian


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