Heading south

While summer is still in full bloom, the topic of migration has been on a lot of peoples minds, including mine as I finally hope to finish The Life of the Skies by Jonathan Rosen on my way home from work. Here are a few of the articles I’ve come across lately.

This one I just came across yesterday and I found it fascinating. It’s entitled “14,000 km Dragonfly Migration Discovered, Longest of Any Insect” by Bryan Nelson at EcoWorldly.

Next up there is “Rock Quarry Could Permanently Transform Elephant Migration” by Ruedigar Matthes at Planet Save.

Then there are these two on migration of mammals. They are ” Migration  of Large Mammals in Serious Decline-Six Have Vanished Entirely” by Mongabay.com at SustainLane and “Large Mammal Migrations Are Disappearing” by Brett Israel at Live Science.

The last two here are on birds (of course) and are entitled “Northward” by David Oates at High Country News and “Bird Migration: Toxic Molecule May Help Birds ‘see” North and South” at Science Daily.

Finally, I’ll throw in one last article here for those who love birds. It’s entitled  “With Rebels on the Run, Columbia is for the Birds–and Binoculars” by Matt Moffett at the Wall Street Journal.

Boy are my arms tired!

Green Librarian

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