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Scattered lights

Since my thoughts seem to be kind of scattered today, I thought I would do a post on another scattered item, the lights in the sky.

First up, this article on some lights here on the ground. It’s entitled “The Bonfire of the Fireflies” by Brian Clark Howard at The Daily Green. Good stuff.

Then looking a little higher we have “Can We Have Too Much Light?” by Roseann Moring at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch but unfortunately, I couldn’t find a link to this article, followed by “Light Brings Lakes to Life” by Paul (no last name) at the New Scientist.

Finally, if your just looking up in the sky to see what’s out there, then here’s a great article about someone else who is doing the same thing (who would have thought the Vatican). It’s entitled “Vatican’s Celestial Eye, Seeking Not Angels but Data” by George Johnson at the New York Times.

Lights out!

Green Librarian