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I would love to go jump in a lake

Having gotten back from our cabin a couple of weeks ago (up in northern Minnesota and right on a lake), I could really use that lake. Since I can’t do that, I can at least write about a couple of other lakes.

First up, check out “Ontario’s Big Dirty Lake Get’s a Clean-Up” by Bonnie Alter at Treehugger. Yea!

Also, don’t think you can make a difference? Then read “SOS: Angela Primbas Takes Pollution Clean-Up into Her Own Hands” by Allison Boyer at Ecoscraps. I love those Great Lake stories. In fact, I’m hoping to take the kids even farther north up to Lake Superior next summer.

As a sort of follow up to that feel good story, let’scheck out another one (along with one with potential), on another body of water, the creek. The two stories are “Dollars and Streams”  at the Environment Report and”Fossil Creek Fracas” by Ariana Brocius at the High Country news.

Now go jump in a lake!


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